My Homelab

  • Status
  • It hosts this website, backups, and a few other services. Also, it's a good place for testing new things.
  • If you are a friend, I'd be happy to host a game server or a site for you for free! Just message me. (I cannot guarantee 100% uptime... but I can guarantee I will try my best)

  • A website I made for the Committee on Student Fees to visualize how UC Berkeley allocates student dollars. It uses React, Next.js, and also the Recharts library.
  • It's more of a proof-of-concept at the moment... I'll polish it up soon. I'd like to make it great before I graduate.

This Website

  • Source code and color scheme
  • I made so I could learn React and Next.js (I've still got a ways to go). Also, many of my friends have cool personal websites, and I wanted to have one too :^)
  • Aside from the websites in The Buddy Box, I spend a lot of time admiring and nearly everything that's on