Hi! My name is Jaysa Garcia. I'm an incoming third-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. I study English and Computer Science.

When I'm not in class, I'm involved at a student-run computer lab called the Open Computing Facility, which I love very dearly. I also have my on-campus job with the Committee For Student Fees, where I do a lot of student fee related work, if you can believe it. Finally, I volunteer for SWE++, a weekly class that teaches coding to middle school girls.

I grew up right on the edge of Turlock, which is a mid-sized town in the Central Valley of California. In high school, I was co-president of the Game Club (both board and video games) and played clarinet in the marching band. When I got home, I'd join a voice chat with my friends and play more games until late into the night. I've been a bit too busy in college to continue this habit... but I'll bring it back soon.

jaysa plugging in a monitor
jaysa feeding some cats